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shanga & riverhouse part 2

shanga & riverhouse part 2

where to begin with this beautiful hidden gem?!

if i could live in a restaurant, i’d live in the riverhouse restaurant.

sounds weird? live in a restaurant?!

wait until you see how dreamy this place is.  it’s even wedding-worthy if you ever dreamed of having an overseas wedding, i found your location!

as you approach the restaurant itself, you pass by a few sets of pink couches, that are under overgrown trees with glass chandaliers dangling above.

DSC04937 (2)

DSC04939 (2)

it’s seriously the sweetest set up i’ve ever seen.

DSC05034 (2)

DSC04941 (2)


DSC04943 (2)

DSC04942 (2)

the moment you step in the riverhouse restaurant you are ushered to your table with the waitress following behind with your welcome glass of champagne. i’m one happy lady.

DSC04947 (2)


DSC04962 (2)

DSC04961 (2)

there’s no windows, just all open into your natural surroundings. you truly feel you’re eating in nature as every piece of the building is wood.

DSC04957 (2)

DSC04946 (2)

with obvoius touches of pink, but nature has lots of pink too right?!

DSC04959 (2)


DSC05016 (2)

first up: the warmest, most flakiest, fluffiest, moist, every-word-in-the-book roll is laid in front of you over a beaded placemat.

DSC04950 (2)

followed by a light, not overly fiilling soup, served at the perfect temperature.

DSC04952 (2)


as the last spoon full of soup was cleaned from the bowl, it was quickly swept away and replaced with a lightly fried vegetable roll, with a perfectly sweetened dipping sauce.

DSC04977 (2)


DSC04978 (2)

crunchy on the outside, steaming and soft on the inside

DSC04985 (2)

we were then brought up to the salad bar, which was filled with pasta salads, fruit salads, vegetable salads and a delightful potato salad.

DSC04990 (2)


DSC04989 (2)

you walk right out a little door and there is a bar-b-que awaiting for you to have one (or two) of each meat.

DSC04991 (2)


DSC05001 (2)

DSC04992 (2)

DSC04993 (2)

chicken, veggie cheese balls, beef, goat, and many others.

regardless, i enjoyed every single bite!

DSC04997 (2)


DSC04998 (2)

but all as fresh as could be and tasted just as good as they looked!  and paired perfectly with the house savignon blanc.

DSC04965 (2)

lunch came to an end with a tray of different bite-sized desserts followed by a cup of piping hot coffee.

DSC05004 (2)


DSC05011 (2)

after wards we decided to utilize one of those pink couches that were beckoning us, as our food settles.

DSC04987 (2)

DSC05032 (2)

DSC05021 (2)

DSC05018 (2)

because when you are in the middle of a forest and there’s pink couches, you must sit in them!

with a glass of crisp wine as well.

DSC05022 (2)


DSC05027 (2)

all in all, shanga and riverhouse was a real life dream. the employees were all so welcoming at shanga and the restaurant.

DSC05037 (2)

if i hadn’t had plans that evening i would’ve been back for dinner!

if you find yourself in the area, make a reservation at the riverhouse or at least go by shanga to grab yourself some one of a kind pieces to take home as well! it’s absolutely worth the afternoon.

thank you shanga and riverhouse for providing such a lovely day for my sister and i, we shall be back again!