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shanga & riverhouse

shanga & riverhouse

tucked away in the woods, you arrive on a dirt road to the little oasis of Shanga & Riverhouse.

when you pull up, you step out onto a parking lot and walkways covered in glittering crushed glass.  each piece catching the sunlight and beaming it’s color.

DSC04933 (2)

did someone accidently dump all of their recycling out?!

kind of!

shanga is actually a small “factory” that not only creates one of a kind pieces from jewelry to stuffed animals out of 100% recycled products, but their equiptment they use to make the products are recycled themselves!

DSC04882 (2)

the machine that smooths out the glass beads? a spinning bicycle tire and bicycle chain as well!

“be kind and recycle” is their motto.  shanga provides a safe and supportive employment opportunities for disabled Tanzanians. so every single employee at shanga that creates the unique, handmade, recycled pieces is disabled; deaf, missing hands, legs, etc.

DSC04883 (2)


DSC04899 (2)

DSC04886 (2)

shanga is committed to protecting the environment and the livelihoods of disabled people in Tanzania by adhering to environmentally sustainable business practices and providing long-term opportunities to its employees.   this place is truly amazing in so many ways.

DSC04931 (2)

a lovely employee took us around to each station and explained all that is behind the products of shanga and introduced us to the wonderful employees that are so incredibly talented.

DSC04894 (2)

DSC04896 (2)

around each corner is glass hanging, smiles on faces and beads being strung, ready to be on display in the gift shop for someone to cherish.

DSC04888 (2)


DSC04892 (2)

DSC04901 (2)

DSC04898 (2)

DSC04897 (2)

DSC04912 (2)

my favorite was the “cloth” area, where they sew kangas, blankets, stuffed animals…

DSC04914 (2)



recycled cotton, restrung and died naturally.

DSC04915 (2)

DSC04924 (2)

and their signature shanga necklaces

DSC04904 (2)

DSC04907 (2)

after the tour, we headed to the gift shop since we had a few minutes before our lunch reservation at the riverhouse.

the giftshop is 3 rooms, filled with everything from wine glasses to oversized knitted blankets.

i was a kid in a candy shop. filling my arms with every beautiful necklace, fabric, key chain and blanket i spotted that was calling my name.

it all goes to a good cause, so the more reason to shop ’til you drop!

DSC04936 (2)

plus, they have something for everyone on your list.

with our lunch reservation quickly approaching, we headed down the hill to the riverhouse restaurant… which i will soon be sharing my experience!