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westlawn inn

westlawn inn

if you’re from southern maryland, you know a good crab cake when you see it.

you know a bad crab cake when you see it.

each restaurant in southern maryland i feel has a silent “competition” for the best crab cake.  some use too many fillers, while some use too many spices. you have to find the perfect balance.

and westlawn inn, has found it.

when i’m in southern maryland, i usually just go for a classic crab cake entree. but today, i combined two of my favorite dishes.

eggs benedict and crab cakes.

and it didn’t fail. DSC01932 (2) DSC01935 (2) but before we get to the crab cake porn, i started with a fresh salad. covered pin pecans, cranberries and crisp tomato cherries and their house vinaigrette.

and ideal kick off to a delicious brunch ahead.DSC01937 (2) next up, we went with the calamari. because well, in southern maryland you really don’t get anything else but seafood.DSC01939 (2) and it was the perfect combination of crispy on the outside, and steaming on the inside.

that sauce though.. on point. spicy, but not too spicy to overpower the kick in the calamari breading. DSC01942 (2) i could eat a bowl of hollandaise sauce like it’s soup. eggs benedict.. as i mentioned, it’s easily one of my favorite brunch dishes. always a go to. DSC01947 (2) but can easily get ruined…. how?DSC01952 (2) if the poached egg is hard on the inside.  which clearly was not an issue during my visit at westlawn. DSC01954 (2) the moment i cut this beauty in half, warm yolk came pouring out, adding even more flavor to the crab cake below, soaking into the crispy english muffin.DSC01955 a little of each on each bite. DSC01957 (2) my better half went with the chicken sandwich. smothered in cheese.  which word on the street, was spot on.DSC01960 (2) westlawn inn, you stole my heart and stomach, yet again!DSC01964 (2)and what other way to enjoy a beautiful spring brunch than on a patio with fans? amen.