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take me out to the ballgame

take me out to the ballgame

as a… the national’s are a pretty big deal around here!

and they’re actually doing great again this season.

but enough about sports.

let’s get to the real meaty part of this post.

the food.

because that’s the reason we go to baseball games, is for the food. right???

no? you go for the bat swingin’, tight-pants-wearing, what-inning-is-it, part of the game?!DSC02592 (2)i mean that’s fun too!

when i think of a baseball game, i immediately begin to sing ” take me out to the ball game… buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks..” and “hot dogs and veggie burgers and funnel cakes…..”

oh, that’s not part of the song?


i could’ve sworn it was!

well with that being said.

two words.

hot.dogDSC02593 (2). an ‘amurican classic. and i’m in the nations capital, so hey, count me in!DSC02595 (2)technically, count miss emily in, since she’s the one who opted for that great american meat on a bun.DSC02597 (2)smothered in relish. ready to go down the hatch! DSC02602 (2)i on the other hand, had looked ahead of time at the new restaurants or vendors that have popped up in the stadium and “field of greens” sounded right on my level!

and it was a seriously perfect choice.  knowing full well i was going to have a funnel cake later in the night, i decided on something a little “lighter”.

i bring you the veggie burger.DSC02603 (2)probably only my 3rd, ever in my entire life, veggie burger.

ground chickpeas! DSC02607 (2)and because when i went to order mine they were just putting some on the grill, the 5 minute wait was a blessing in disguise. because that means hello fresh burger!DSC02609 (3)i immediately went online to find a recipe and recreate it for myself.

i could almost become a vegetarian with a find like this!DSC02610 (2)almost. 

but i love chick-filet and my good stuff eatery too much.

sorry-not-sorry all you cute little chickens and cows out there!

ok, back to it.DSC02612 (2)3rd row behind the dugout, it was a perfect evening with the little sister. staring at the players cute butts, i mean the intense nail-biting game, not much can beat a summer night at a classic summer tradition! DSC02618 (2)DSC02620 (2)DSC02625 (2)DSC02623 (2)DSC02627 (2)DSC02624 (2)which we ended with, by leaving well before the last inning.

that’s what they’re called, innings, right?

to go scoop up our awaited funnel cakes. that we had been dreaming about all day.

and perfect timing, because they were about to close down the  stand. which mean even more perfect timing because we got a fresh one! DSC02635 (2)we were on a roll with this whole being in line right after everyone else devoured the food ahead of us so we could get a new batch.

covered in just the right amount of powdered sugar.DSC02639 (2)actually, there is no right amount, because it’s impossible to put too much of the heavenly sweet snow on a funnel cake.DSC02640 (2)because don’t tell me you don’t take that last bite of funnel cake and spread it all around your plate trying to get up the last bits of powder while you can.DSC02642 (2)or if you’re like me, you just flat out lick the plate.

i mean.

i am well poised adult and do not lick plates.DSC02646 (2)DSC02669 (2)DSC02672 (2)DSC02659

happy happy happy, we headed out. hearts filled with joy after a girls night out, and bellies filled with sugar and pork!

thanks nationals, for providing such a beautiful stadium and experience, yet again.