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sweet sue’s

sweet sue’s

i have the sweet tooth of a 5 year old child on halloween night, after organizing a 10 lb bag of candy, ready to devour.

i haven’t met a baked good i didn’t like.

so when it comes to local bakeries, hot pastries and cookies made with wholesome love… count me in.DSC01966 (2) and sweet sue’s hit the spot in all the right ways.  it sits right on along the bay, a little shop with a patio for 5. the most quaint local bakery you can find.

and sue, she has it perfected.DSC01967 (2) they keep only a few of their baked goods out on display, and the rest back in the kitchen so the rotations are always fresh.

they bake all their goodies every single morning, using real ingredients, right in house.  DSC01969 (2) cupcakes? check. hot cinnamon buns, waiting for the cream cheese frosting to be slightly heated and melt into the flaky goodness.? check.DSC01971 (2) the most perfectly raised muffins, fluffy yet goldenly crisp on the outside. waiting for you to peel away their little paper coat. DSC01972 (2) the hardest part about a visit to sweet sues?DSC01976 (2) having to decide what to get! DSC01977 (2) little miss emily, got her favorite: a classic chocolate cupcake. DSC01989 (2) which ironically matched her purple nails.

my better half? went with the most giant chocolate eclair i’ve ever seen.DSC01993 (2) i mean… let’s just take a moment of silence for that creme billowing out of that bite. DSC01995 (2) honestly. i’m pretty sure you could’ve fed my entire family with this beast. DSC01995 (3) but as always, he did work. and enjoyed every last bite until the last.. well i’m sure it was a lick. because no chocolate or creme left behind!DSC01996 (2) DSC01997 (2)now me.. anything that is a combination of chocolate and peanut butter, has my name written all over it.  DSC01999 (3) the name of this chocolate brick? “world’s best brownie”. and by god, it was honestly the best brownie i’ve ever had.  i’ve had a lot of brownies… but this combination.. was just unreal.  if you get anything at sweet sues, get this. DSC02000 (2) i think it probably weight around 2 lbs?! the bottom layer was a perfectly moist chocolate brownie layer. the second was a decadent and thick peanut butter layer, topped off with a silky chocolate ganache.  DSC02002 (2) every single bite was just a fresh and delicious as the first.

a diabetic coma waiting to happen. but oh.. oh so worth it. DSC02004 (3) i’m pretty sure that thing was the size of both palms combined.  DSC02016 (2)the drive alone to sweet sue’s in southern maryland, from d.c. was worth it.

and i’m pretty sure that ‘world’s best brownie’ has creeped it’s way into many of my day dreams…

thank you sweet sue’s, for yet again, a sweet-induced-coma and creating a beautiful afternoon for my family and i.