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pocono brewing company

pocono brewing company

forewarning, my feelings on this restaurant are still up in the air.

the atmosphere. on point.

the beer selection. on point.

some of the food. ok

the poconos brewing company, we were told, is somewhat new to the area and brings a really lively atmosphere to an otherwise family town.

they have live music, a fun decked-out tiki bar in the back on a large patio area.

inside is a large ballroom type area, where they also have live music on weekend evenings and you can host private events as well.

with the beautiful spring evening weather still holding strong, we opted for outside seating.

first up at a brewery? drinks. DSC02262 (2)we aren’t really drinkers besides the occasional glass of wine, but when in rome!

i went with a fruity drink, and he got his classic jack & coke.

both were pretty average.

i didn’t opt for a beer because they were out of a lot of the IPA’s i was eyeing. bummer.

next up: appetizer! DSC02267 (2)we had been hiking all day prior, so we were ready for some greasy, brewery bites. so naturally, the “signature spud-chos”. because nachos are always a good choice, right?!DSC02268 (2)it was insanely delicious..

loaded with plenty of cheese, layered with house smoked brisket tossed in bbq, more cheese, guacamole, oh and more cheese, then  under that pile ‘o sloppygoodness was a bed of crispy potato sidewinders. DSC02283 (2)the only bad part? we kept requesting for forks but none were ever brought out, so by the time we got to the bottom it was a little tricky to eat.

oh well!

he got another appetizer, which was titled on the menu “rattlesnake bites”, explaining that it was jumbo jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and jack cheese.DSC02271 (2)wellllll it actually turned out to be just jalapenos stuffed with cheese? not sure what happened thereDSC02279 (2)onto the next adventure!

after about a 30 minute wait, our dinner finally arrived.

and by golly…. if you’re hungry. like REALLY hungry. get what i got. because i’m pretty sure the caloric balance could get you through 2 weeks!

i bring you the “southern breakfast”.  fried chicken cutlets stacked with cheddar jalapeno cornbread waffles, a fried egg and drizzled in maple glaze. oh and served with a side of sweet potato fries. DSC02291 (2)because. carbs.

at first, it looked SO, SO good…

so good. a heart attack on a plate.DSC02301 (2)just the way i like my pub food.

the downfall of this stretchy-pants-inducing meal?

biting into it to realize the “cheddar jalapeno” was really just that fake nacho cheese. which i dread. i love cheese. all sorts of cheese. what i don’t like. is nacho cheese. because it’s…. not.cheese.

so that was a bummer.

the chicken cutlets, were ‘ok’.

the waffles though… yikes they were delicious! after scraping off the cheese and getting to the waffles and the cayenne maple glaze, that was my ideal meal!  DSC02307 (2)he went with the “signature stuffed meatloaf”.  a combination of veal, pork and beef along with cheddar and bacon.  which the latter were MIA. so, pretty much just meatloaf. DSC02303again, not the best looking nor tasting meal. BUT the mashed potatoes were “on point!” that’s always a win in our book.

it really is easy to make this foodie happen. it really is hard to make me unhappy with a meal, as i am not that picky.  so it is truly tough to be so disappointed verbally about a meal, but i gotta keep it real with ya’ll!

all in all, our time at the pocono brewing company was enjoyable.  will we go back? probably not. but hey! at least i got a belly fully of delicious potato nachos to fill me over until the following week!