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sorrenti vineyards and pizzeria

sorrenti vineyards and pizzeria

i know i know…. i have a lot of favorite combinations when it comes to food.

but pizza and wine.


that is a seriously high-up favorite on my list.

because who doesn’t love pizza?

and who doesn’t love wine?

give me both, let alone be it at a vineyard…

winning all around.

during our visit to the poconos, a stop at sorrenti cherry valley vineyards was a must.

why? because they have a pizzeria on site as well.

before we did the wine tasting though, the pizza came first. DSC02258 (2)the moment you walk into the home-turned-restaurant, you see their wooden burning pizza oven. DSC02226 (2)DSC02223 (2)already, my mouth is watering and heart full of excitement. because what better way to eat a pizza other than made on a wooden paddle? being soaked with all the other flavors in the smoke from the other pizzas that have seen the hut.

i’m ready. my stomach. my emotions. let’s do this.

first up?

house-made sangria, with fresh fruit and their wineries, well, wine! DSC02220 (2)peach sangria for me.DSC02190 (2)pineapple sangria for him.DSC02194both.. just as fresh and crisp as the other.

they had an option of a flight of wine tasting, but we decided against it so we could go check out the actual winery after lunch.

but we did see someone else having one, and it looked pretty gosh darn fun.  each type of wine came in a mini wine glass, that was set in a arched holder, each dangling down through the holes.

but we were way to hungry to think about wine tasting yet.

their menu had every type of pizza you could imagine, along with other classic grub.

we each decided to get our own pizza.

because who shares their pizza?

not us.


the wait was not long at all, about 10-15 minutes, which meant that our pizzas were going to definitely come out hot!

the moment our waitress came around the corner, veering near to our table on the back deck, we had our game faces on and ready for this pizza we’ve been hearing all about.DSC02197 (2)it most definitely lived up to our standards of pizza.  i actually love how lopsided and not perfectly round the pizzas were.  it shows that they truly are just whipped up and tossed right into the oven. no need for perfection, because the flavor alone is what’s most important.

i went with the full-on-meat pizza. DSC02200 (3)covered in italian sausage, roasted tomatoes, pepperonis, ham and diced peppers. DSC02208 (2)pretty much a vegetarians nightmare.

every single bite packed a huge amount of flavor. hot, cheesy, meaty.DSC02210 (2)i have had my fare share of pizza fails. sometimes the dough is too thick, sometimes too much cheese, too little cheese, too much sauce.. etc. DSC02211 (2)DSC02212 (2)DSC02213 (2)this pizza? won in so many ways.DSC02214 (2)am i the only one who refuses to wait until your pizza cools, and you end up burning the roof of your mouth in place of it?

but it’s oh, so worth it? yeah.

he went with his go-to: hawaiian pizza.DSC02199 (2)which looked, and tasted, just as it should. sweet and salty, all in one bite.

the atmosphere was just as perfect as the meal itself.

mature trees hovered over the back deck, overlooking an adorable man-made pond.

if you do come here, sit outside, because the inside didn’t have too many windows. to each his own, but this little lady enjoys her meals under the open sky!

with full stomachs and happy hearts, we walked a few feet next door to their winery. DSC02219 (2)with a brother who travels the world making wines, i’ve naturally become pretty picky when it comes to wine, so i wasn’t sure how much i’d enjoy pennylvania wine, but surprisingly… some of their vines were delicious!DSC02230 (2)DSC02235 (2)but sadly, the majority of their wines were a little too sweet, and not technically wine, but the ones i did like i loved!  DSC02244 (2)and wine tastings are just plain ‘ol fun, regardless of how many i wines end up winning your tastes buds over.DSC02238 (2)DSC02244 (2)DSC02241 (2)after our wine tasting, we did end up buying a bottle of the wine we both enjoyed and took it to go secure a spot on a bench by the pond and enjoy the insanely beautiful weather.                   DSC02245 (2) DSC02246 DSC02249 (2) DSC02255 (2)so all in all, our late afternoon lunch and tasting at sorrenti was enjoyable!  the poconos have tons of wineries, but if you do find yourself in the area, stop by for at least an award winning pizza!