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crystal city farmers market

crystal city farmers market

city living has it’s pros and cons.

one of the top 5 pros: farmers markets galore!

which means fresh and local veggies, meats and too many cheese options to count!  i could spend hours just trolling around farmers markets. tasting everything, meeting people from all walks of life, and just socializing with people who you had no clue lived right around you!

it’s almost like farmer’s markets combine so many different types of people under one common goal: supporting self-sustaining businesses.

i’ve made it my goal in 2015 to go full organic, get the majority of my produce and meats from local farmers, and it all starts with the crystal city farmers market.

i’ll make sure to get enough goodies every tuesday that will hopefully last me until the next.  the majority of the time it’s just the meat that lasts, but hey – this girl likes to eat and goes through a lot of produce!

regardless, tuesday rolls around and you’ll find me trotting 1 block down the road, tote in bag with a smile on my face! rain or shine, beer braughts and freshly baked pecan rolls are waiting for my arrival!



DSC00946 (2) DSC00947 (2) DSC00948 (2)

am i the only one who starts singing the christmas classic when  i see chestnuts? no? DSC00949 (2)

there’s no such thing as owning too many jars of jelly.. because it’s the JAM!DSC00950 (2) DSC00952 (2) DSC00956 (2)

an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. DSC00958 (2) DSC00960 (3) DSC00961 (2) DSC00964 (2) DSC00967 (2) DSC00971 (2) DSC00972 (2) DSC00973 (2) DSC00974 (2) DSC00976 (2) DSC00978 (2) DSC00979 (2) DSC00982 (2)

going, going. gone.DSC00983 (2) DSC00985 (2)

lemon cake. holds a special place in my heart. and stomach. DSC00986 (2)

i think the majority of my passion for food is the interaction that comes with it. the heart, the connection. freshly cut bread, by the man who made it, for me, to enjoy. to taste. it truly is a beautiful thing. celebrating just a sunny day, with complete strangers over their hard work is what makes this world a wonderful place. DSC00987 (2) DSC00991 (2)i’m that person “i’ll take…… umm…. THAT one” because it has the most “mass” to it. DSC00994 (2)

DSC01017 (2)DSC00995 (2) DSC01018 (2)

can’t find me? 99% of the time i’ll be at the cheese station. lingering. tasting every single one. serious life choices happening.

DSC00996 (2) DSC00997 (2) DSC00998 (2) DSC00999 (2) DSC01001 (2) DSC01002 (2) DSC01003 (2)

taste the rainbow. DSC01007 (2) DSC01010 (2) DSC01016 (2)