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yorkholo brewing company

yorkholo brewing company

in-house brew + local grass fed beef.

this is the equation of true happiness for this lady.

i kept hearing about this local ‘gem’ in Northern Pennsylvania, and decided for girls weekend it wasmust to go and judge for ourselves.

Yorkholo Brewery.

DSC01299 (2)

if the name doesn’t make you smile, then you need to reevaluate your life.

the 5 of us, post-mountain hiking, with grumbling stomachs and thirsty mouths were ready for some local grub.

and it did not disappoint.

DSC01249 (2)

we were welcomed with a stack of wood menus and a warm hello. oh hi Yorkholo!

DSC01297 (2)

not only did we have the place to ourselves because we came at 3pm, a diners delight time in my book because you can laugh loud and get the best seat in the house. the only window seat.

before i even continue on into my passion of food, the fact that this place is environmentally friendly, supports local farms and is an overall concious business gets an extra 5 points in my book. i am loving that being eco-friendly is “cool” now and people are really supporting the drive.

DSC01293 (2) DSC01253 (2)

now that my personal-public-service announcemnet for my love of the earth and major hugs to those who feel me is done… back to business.

i hadn’t looked ahead at the menu as i usually would, because i wanted to really go into this experience with an open mind and go with what i was feeling. to each his own, eh?!

as usual… my eyes immediately begin to scan for the burger list. especially after hearing about their love of local farms.

DSC01247 (2)

there she was. starting right at me. the almighty Yorkholo Brewpub Burger. local grass fed beef – check. simmered in garlic & onions – check. choice of local cheeses – check.

can the waitress just please read my mind from a distance and throw this baby on the grill already?!?!

with that clearly settled, i could now embrace the rest of the menu. well at least the top left portion: the appetizer.

i’m pretty darn picky when it comes to choosing an appetizer, or wanting one in general. there must be something i really am craving. i don’t go for the mediocure “chips and salsa” “2 bacon wrapped pork rolls”.. blah blah. give me something hearty or leave it int he kitchen and hurry with the entree already.

i kid i kid.. i mean kinda. 

but Yorkholo already began tugging at my course-1 heart before evening gazing down the list: cheesy spinach dip.

now if there was one thing my husband i are pretend to be conesours of, it’s spinach dip. if it’s on the  menu, it’s a guarantee in our book. besides finding the world’s best burger (no really, we are on a mission to find the world’s best burger). nothing gets that stomach warmed up quite like a hearty bowl of spinach dip. we’ve come across them all, all sorts of topping ideas and garnishes. but a classic no-fluff spinach dip is the ideal. done. ordered. let’s do this.

oh? but first we should probably get our whistles wet and decide on one of their dozens of beers.

DSC01283 (2)

DSC01257 (2)

or, try them all?

DSC01261 (2)

let’s go with the latter.

flight of beer please! 

DSC01262 (2)

because who doesn’t love taste testing? yes, nope, ooooo, ahhh, yeah, that one, god no. all of a sudden we become experts in that “field” of food or drink. right?

DSC01276 (2)

kind of like when we watch ice skating on the olympics. we pull the “oh gosh, how did she mess that up? did you see her knee totally bent. she should’ve had it here instead of there”.

DSC01277 (2)

DSC01273 (2)

we all do it.


back to the important stuff. beer. in-house micro-brewed beer. all lined up and ready to nourish these souls.

because commitment comes after trying which is best, eh?

DSC01282 (2)

the flight of beers were each in perfectly chilled glasses. a big a+ in my book. nothing like getting beer that will take awhile to get down, pourn in room temprerture glasses, so by the time you get to the bottom of each it’s no longer crisp.

ranging from the Bungy Blonde Ale down to the Smoked Country Smoked Brown Ale they each hit a different spot.  some one of us may have pulled the “omg yes this is the one” while another did the “sour face”. it’s always fun seeing how different people’s palates are for different flavors.

me. i’m an IPA girl, all the way.

glass of the Coal Miner’s Black IPA porfavor!

DSC01334 (2)

with all our food choices now given to the waitress, who i’m assuming thought we were a wild pack of dogs, who haven’t eaten for days, we were ready to get our grub on. but first. more beer.

DSC01290 (2)

a good buzz running through our veins, our stomachs were ready to catch up.  you know that feeling when you see your waitress at a distance coming out of the kitchen with your food? it’s like a shot of lust. or is it love? excitment? whatever it is, there’s no other feeling like it for the food lover.

or hungry girl.

cheesy spinach dip and a plate of pulled pork taquitos.

DSC01315 (2)

now. remember how i am a world renound spinach dip conesour? sadly, this one quickly made it’s way to the bottom of my list.

why? the texture. i was truly truly sad. i had high hopes. but i hadn’t tasted it yet.

DSC01326 (2)

the taste was spot on. cheesy for sure, but just wish it had more spinach and a thicker stature. it was a bit tricky scooping the dip out with the warm bread chips. but hungry girls make ‘ish happen and it was quickly devoured.

the pulled pork taquitos on the other hand. holy heaven. 

DSC01319 (2)

they quickly made up for the lacking spinach dip. easily. the pork was fresh, warm and filled with just the right amount of cheddar cheese. crispy on the outside and hearty on the inside. my ideal taquito.

DSC01323 (2)

DSC01322 (2)

oh and that dip? yeah. um. can i get a tub to-go please? and a spoon?

yeah.we did, we asked for 2 more scoops of it because we knew it would go perfectly with our fresh cut fries later. if we didn’t lick it straight before then.

house-made chipotle ranch dipping sauce. spicey. thick and tangy at the same time. done & done.

taquitos and dip done, it was time for the real show.

this infamous burger i kept hearing about, was ready

DSC01359 (2).medium rare, provolne perfectly warmed and on a fresh locally baked keiser roll with all the fixin’s.

DSC01350 (2)

to have the self-control to get a few shots of this beauty before digging in, well, is beyond me.

DSC01348 (2)

and it did not disapoint. juicy, filled with all the right flavors and just the right amount of cheese.

DSC01362 (2)

DSC01371 (2)

win. total win. easily made the list of my top 10 favorite burgers. but i mean, how can you beat out a cedar plank grilled burger topped with organic chipotle mac & cheese? i mean really?

DSC01373 (2)

as you’ll learn by now, plastic baskets and/or classic “old school” touches make the experience at any restaurant that much better. Whether it be a one star or a 5 star, everyone should have a fun twist in their table “accessories”.

back to this plate. those fries? yeah. hot, fresh and perfect amount of sea salt sprinkled over these fresh cut beauties.

DSC01367 (2)

everyone else’s meals hit the spot as well. each unique in their own ways and the perfect pair to it’s devourer (i made that word up, you’re welcome).

for the salad lover: The Mountaineer Baked Kale salad.

DSC01343 (2)

even if you don’t like salads, this just looked good, you can’t deny that. baked kale, topped with rosemary potatoes, sauteed portobella, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes & massive chunks of local goat cheese. all perfectly placed and balanced throughout.

nothing like getting a salad with everything just dumped right in the middle. this thing had execution to it.

for the vegetarian conseour: The Yorkholo Veggie Burger.

DSC01340 (2)

now i would like to start off by saying i love my beef, but yikes this looked good enough to turn down a juicy animal for. a patty of black beans, sun dried tomatoes, caramilizzed onions, combined with spent grains & bread crumbs fried then topped with provolone cheese and pico de gallo. i mean come on…

it was just as delicious as it looked. way to make a vegetarian happy Yorkholo.

for the panini lover: BBQ Turkey Panini.

DSC01344 (2)

all natural freshly sliced turkey breast, topped with their in-house porter BBQ sauce, bacon, swiss and apple slices… a combination for the sweet and salty lover at it’s finest.

with the laid-back decor, strung lights and quirky touches, Yorkholo was an overall success.

DSC01304 (2)   DSC01308 (2)

definitely worth the trip if you’re ever in the Northern Pennsylvania, Southern New York area.

DSC01374 (2)

we shall be back… just as hungry and ready for that freshly tapped beer.