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lost dog alexandria

lost dog alexandria

there are  two things i’m very passionate about:

1. animals

2 food

so to find a way to combine the two that not only makes your stomach happy but your heart happy also would be ah-mazing, right?! well i bring you Lost Dog Cafe.  

my husband and i are absolute dog lovers. like if it weren’t crazy to own 15 dogs, i’d own 15 dogs. but i’m pretty sure the high-rise we live in doesn’t quite allow for that “family” size. shame on them.

i worked at the Humane Society for years and continue to volunteer my time and resources to finding animals their forever homes. but in the mean time providing shelter and food for them to live a happy life!

so when we moved to the D.C. area a few years back and came across Lost Dog Cafe in North Arlington, learned about their story and mission, we immediately became regulars fans.

not only was it the delicious pizza, fresh ingredients and creative floor to ceiling dog paintings that drew us in, but the fact that a majority of proceeds from sales goes towards their Lost Dog and Cat Foundation, was a win in our book.

through my personal training business, TayloredFitness, i actually hold bootcamps where all ticket sales benefit their foundation.

so when we heard our beloved Cafe opened a location right down the road from us. like 2 miles down the road type-of-close, we found the first free sunday we had and made a date of it.

right along north henry street in Alexandria, with plenty of street parking, it was easy to get to.  this location is slightly smaller than the others, but with their massive glass windows (great for people watching) and open layout, it’s very refreshing!

the layout uses their space perfectly. they have their classic, and oh so dangerous, carry-out part of the restaurant separate from their bar and seating area.  had the day been slightly warmer, i would’ve gladly opted to sit on their expansive outdoor sitting veranda. next time!

booth style we went with.  window seat, of course!

first up, coffee. i’m a total coffee addict, and a picky one. who would think a pizza & beer joint would have coffee worthy of this wanna-be coffee connoisseur?  this place does. and it’s a local-brew which i’m always willing to support. plus, their mugs aren’t those tiny-white “shot glass” sized you get at other restaurants that you finish in about 3 sips. no, you get your homey-feeling hold-in-both-hands mug. and it’s always hot.

ready for it? head down, menu up,  focus! it’s game time.

DSC00752you won’t find your fancy ceramic plates at Lost Dog. plastic brightly colored plates, utensils that get their wear-and-tear and paper napkins is their style. and i am always a fan of low-key, relaxed feel eating. and their food, it comes out in red baskets. i mean who doesn’t love digging into a basket?!

our go-to appetizer is forever their Lost Dog Dip. with 7 layers, including their homemade chili, cheddar cheese, guacamole, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, onions and black olives – it hits every spot!


DSC00760DSC00762oh, and their pita chips? think: fluffy bread clouds. warm fluffy bread clouds. done..

DSC00770back to the good stuff. this dip.

deceptive at first. covered in shredded lettuce  you wonder where all the me meaty-goodness is. the dig those pita chips and pull up cheese goodness is. oh it’s under there.

DSC00766one full swoop with their warm tortilla chips and you’re well on your way to a guacamole and bean covered dip. ready to make a mess as you shovel it into your mouth, doing the “hold your hand under it as you bring it close” move. a classic.

DSC00769the best part, the last bite. which obviously a normal human would just leave because they ran out of chips. oh no. not us. grab that fork and scoop up the rest of that chili.  it’s well worth it!

DSC00771they have TONS of sandwiches, soups, salads, you name it, they have it. but we always go with pizza.

DSC00755the names alone of their menu items will give you a good chuckle! honestly, sometimes it takes us 10 minutes just to choose because we’re too busy going back and forth reading off the names!

i mean “kujo pizza, rin tin tin pizza, the catahoula, the great pyreneese”. that’s the tip of the ice burn long-list of gourmet pizza choices. their sandwiches “the bow wow sandwich, the sea dog salad, the eye of the tiger, downward dog, yuppie puppy” i mean how can’t you love this place?!

i usually opt for either their mediterranian pizza or the italian but not today. i saw the NEW stamped near one that was tugging at my heart, or stomach, either or. this baby was like made for me!

the chulita’s madness pizza. everything i love. on one pizza pie! cheese, homemade meatballs, oven roasted tomatoes, pineapple and banana peppers. done. close the menu. WAITER!

DSC00773and good lawd. it was worth straying (get it? like a stray dog? no?) from my usual.

DSC00775the freshly baked whole wheat crust, smothered in layers upon layers of cheese, a hefty serving of meatballs and toppings perfectly dispersed. because nothing like a pizza where the toppings all fall in the center then well.. fall off when you go to do your shovel-into-mouth move.

DSC00776no. this beauty. was a winner.  the spice from the meatball paired with the sweetness from the peppers and pineapple won this pizza lovin’ lady over.

DSC00783DSC00784cheeeeeese, glorious cheese! i clearly hate food. it doesn’t get me excited at all.

my better half went with his go-to classic: pineapple & pepperoni.  he’s one of those “sticks to the basics” eaters. we’re a good balance!

DSC00778DSC00782DSC00781with stomachs stuffed to the brim, thank goodness we came from the gym and were already well equipped with our stretchy pants on to help the post-grub “give”, we passed on desert.

always looking for good beers, we browsed through their ever-growing micro brews in their take-out portion of the restaurant, where you an literally grab and go.  for anyone who calls in an order and as their waiting for their food to take home, i highly recommend checking out their selection as you wait. because who doesn’t love a good beer & pizza combo?!

DSC00797DSC00799your dog deserves a Lost Dog treat as well, of course!

DSC00796fair-trade coffee, the only way to go.


Lost Dog Alexandria, you officially have new regulars.