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three musketeers weekend

three musketeers weekend

well, here we go!

my very first post, of many that will not only provide memories for me, my journey, exploring this beautiful world for all that it is, but enjoyment for others!


this weekend was a 3 musketeers kind of weekend.  my little (not so little any more *sigh*)  sister turned 17 last week so  it was a weekend of fun & play doing things miss Emily likes to do!DSC00368one of them being something my dear husband has gotten her hooked on.. MMA fights. not my cup of tea, BUT i love these two, so i trotted right along ready for a fun evening.

DSC00373dan likes to spoil the 3 musketeers. i don’t mind.

DSC00381knowing full well i’d just be closing my eyes the whole time!

plus, the main fighter of the night is one of Dan’s good child-hood friends, so the cheering from our section was well and alive!

DSC00371in the end, it truly wasn’t at gruesome as i thought it was going to be.  i’m all about the human body and what it is capable of doing, so seeing men use just their bodies and minds to defeat the others was actually really fun.

i’m always down for trying something new, so let’s say we can check MMA fighting off the list! on to the next show!

sunday afternoon was b-e-a-UTIFUL, so we grabbed our farmers market totes and headed to Union Market. this place is always full of delicious vendors offering everything from local cheeses to organic sifted teas. craving something particular? their dining section always has something to hit the spot.  DSC00430

DSC00426we were on a mission for fresh veggies and restocking on meat for the week. but of course tried a little of everything along the way, weaving through the aisles.

DSC00399 DSC00402 nature’s beauty at it’s best. nothing brings joy to my heart quite like fresh, local organic veggies and fruits ready to nourish the soul!

DSC00423i am a huge fan of raw juices, so when i saw this shot glass station set up at the Goshen Juice Bar stand, i obviously had to toss back a shot or two. because i mean, sundays are fundays, right?!

DSC00406DSC00403 DSC00408DSC00410 my choice, the kale based juice with pineapple and other jam-packed nutrient dense goodies! made fresh right in front of my very eyes. a new fan indeed of this business!

DSC00412 they  have the cutest boutique shops with all sorts of textiles begging to come home with you. oh hello there canvas throw pillow. because everyone needs dozens of throw pillows. amen?

DSC00415 if you ever lose me in a crowd, find the nearest bakery. i’ll be there, drooling over the glass displays.

DSC00417 classic cakes, pastries, cookies and pies galore at Panorama Bakery.

DSC00418 3 classic chocolate chip cookies came home with me. and were thoroughly enjoyed.

DSC00421 “bummer! you JUST missed the whole big head! now that would’ve made for a good shot”.  the head butcher as i’m zooming in on a pigs foot. have you eaten one of these? them? how in the world does one cook a foot?
DSC00422 i’ll go with the already diced up pig, THANKS!